Return Policy

All deliveries will be local starting from 5 PM the same day of your purchase in a term no more than 24 Hrs. in this city and some colonies near this city please see the link (Shipping and Returns) of all the colonies in which we are making the deliveries of our products.


A generous returns policy, along with quick and easy returns, are must–haves for today’s online shoppers. On, you can customize how you handle returns based on your unique business needs. Virtually automate the entire returns process to expedite returns and refunds, or select options to manually approve specific requests such as returns for high–value items or items in certain categories.
It’s up to you to choose whether or not to offer returns and determine who pays for return shipping.


Address each of these topics in your return policy. Make sure the policy is easy for your buyers to understand.

Time limits: To attract the most buyers, consider offering 30 days or longer.

Refund type: “Money back” is the most common type. Sellers can also offer "Money back or exchange" if you have the same items in multiple sizes or colors, or a suitable replacement.

Return shipping charges: Clearly state who pays for return shipping—you or the buyer.

Restocking fee: Restocking fees vary. “No restocking fee” is ideal for buyers, but 15% is not uncommon.

Item condition: Clearly state the returned item’s required condition. For example, "unopened box" or "opened box with all original materials.”

International sales: If you sell to buyers outside of the U.S., describe any international limitations to your return policy.


The best approach to returns is to avoid them altogether. Understand how to create an effective listing and you’ll be well on your way to simple, straightforward sales. If things do get complicated, make sure you understand the Seller Protection policy. It’s how we make sure sellers are safe on