Selling Tips on Ventamart

When Selling by Sell Mart you have benefits like having your own online store totally free, the ease of connecting with new customers, and even avoiding a store.
However, it is important to conduct your Sales safely., is an e-commerce company, so we give the following recommendations to Sell:

1. Get a trajectory and reputation

It is very difficult to sell at Venta Mart without having any experience and I think it is quite logical. When you are going to buy a product on the internet, you want to know if the seller is reliable and how are the reactions of the customers.
So, to sell, you need to create your account and start bidding, buying and interacting.

2. Look at the competition
See how the great sellers and those selling similar products to yours behave. Note how the logo, the description, how you organize your products, how the site design is, what type (and quantity) of images you use, return policies and related articles.
This is so that you have an idea of what the trends of your business are and so you know who you are going to face in terms of sales.

3. Open a Bank or Paypal account for your Business
Create your own bank account for your business. It is not good to mix personal money with your business.
It may be necessary to remind yourself that to sell at Venta Mart it is necessary to have a PayPal account. (Calm down, it's certified and it's safe!).

4. What are you going to sell?
You can not start selling at Venta Mart something you do not yet have. If they decide to buy at once and you do not deliver it you will start to have a bad reputation as a salesman and the goals will get uphill.
Plan who will sell you the products, when, at what price, how you will deliver them, ask about the conditions for the guarantee and to make returns.
If you create the product yourself, you need to calculate honestly with the time it takes you to do a good job.

5. Do you need a business idea?
Plan where you will store your products. Define where you are going to store all products that are expected to be sold. Choose an accessible place at all times (like your house) and do not buy too much stock.
So you can know how much space you need, you must take an average of how many you expect to sell.

6. Name your product correctly
The first thing buyers look at is the title of the article and the main picture. Regarding the first item, you must put your creativity to work to attract more clicks.
Use short titles, with adjectives, official names of the brand. Try not to use exaggerated adjectives like grandiose, magnificent, unequaled, etc.

7. Take care of the images
Of course, the image of your article is one of the keys to selling like a pro. What you have to keep in mind here is:
*Do not use reference images (taken by third parties).
*Set the stage to take the picture.
*Do not use the flash.
*Uses a white background preferably.
*Edit the photo, retouch it (but do not edit so much, especially if the article is used).
*Upload several photos (I recommend you upload between 4 and 6 photos, depending on your product or service).

8. Give additional information
In this part, you have to take care of all the information of your product or service. To sell at Venta Mart you must, control:
*The keywords.
*If the item is used or new?
*The tags.
*The description of accepted forms of payment.
*Additional information such as: material, weight, dimensions, availability, colors, versions, deliveries, warranties, additional costs, etc.

9. Use social networks in your favor
Publish your content on social networks to increase your visibility on the web. Maybe you think it banal, but it is necessary to remind you to take care of the title, description and photo of the product in social networks.

10. Plan transportation and delivery
This is the part that really makes you a good seller.
Respond to comments and questions left by users on the pages of your articles. Nothing better than a seller who responds relatively quickly to one who responds 2 months later.
You have to be responsible and punctual with deliveries. If you happen to have a delay in delivery, notify it as soon as possible and compensate your client (future offers, discounts, etc.).
Remember that selling the product with freeshiping gives you more display including it shipped in the total price of the product.