Shopping Tips

When you buying in Venta Mart you have benefits like buying from your home, from your mobile, pay directly from the Web.
But, its important to make these purchases safely., it is an e-commerce company, so we give the following recommendations to avoid being scammed:

1. Before making any online purchase you should be sure that the product you are buying is what you need. For this, it is recommended to read through the page describing the product and any doubt send questions to the seller, consult elsewhere product information, evaluate the experience of other users and if possible videos of the product. When buying clothing and footwear we recommend always prove the product in exclusive stores to get your ideal product.

2. When is now certain that the product meets your requirements, Shop at secure sites such as Before making your purchase, you must be sure that it is a recognized site or shop at portals or ecommerce stores known companies. If this is a site that you do not know, note the references given in reliable forums and see if the store has a digital certificate stating that your identity is verified by a regulatory body.

3. The means of contact are very important. Make sure you can contact directly to the website and preferably by physical contact as landlines. also they apply other means such as email, online chat and social networks.

4. Find user experiences with the website to see testimonials and ratings that other users have given the products. A simple method is to search in Google these experiences can do looking phrases like " safe?" "I was swindled in".

5. If the page has a profile on social networks like Facebook, enter and see the comments of other users, make sure that the page has an acceptable number of followers and this always display new content.

6. The purchase process can vary from page to page, but the recommendation is that the same page is responsible for receiving payment. Thus, the page is responsible for supporting their purchase and respond in case of any problems with the order.

7. If you are buying from an individual, it is recommended that this is by a company that supports your request and is responsible for receiving your money. In this way, you cover yourself in case of not receiving your product or receive in unexpected conditions.

8. With regard to the security of their financial information is important to make payments on pages when typing this information show the beginning of the URL with "https" and not just "http". This is necessary to prevent hackers or others can know your information. Note that the start "https" in many cases is only displayed when typing the valuable information such as credit card numbers and can not be shown during the process.

9. The page you have chosen to provide customer service after sales, this means that you can return to the page after the payment and ask if the payment was received, when you receive the product and if you have any drawback with the product received contacted to give a solution.

10. Compare your shopping experience with your friends: Discuss in opinion forums, on the website of the same company or on social networks like Facebook or Twitter your shopping experience, this process will help other buyers to have information to make future decisions: choosing users who provide great service and reject those that do not meet expectations.