Welcome to Ventamart

We are the first Online community in the world of Latino buyers and sellers in the USA. Here you can buy what you are looking for, sell what you have.
We provide you with a platform to do business safely and quickly, the 1st Flea Market Latino in the USA.
The first step to buy and sell at Venta Mart is to register as a user, it's free and very easy, and we offer you the possibility to do it with your social networks.

The following key points will help you better understand how it works. Mart Sale:

1. When you buy an item at Venta Mart, you are bought from another user at Venta Mart, who is the seller. Do not buy directly at Venta Mart.

2. Venta Mart is an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Venta Mart does not buy or sell items directly.

3. For your purchases and sales to always be safe, Venta Mart includes tools like votes, a very valuable indicator of your buying and selling reputation.

4. Make sure you keep your email address up to date. Having an email address that works properly and is up to date is very important in Venta Mart because the email is used to inform you when you win an item and to know the payment and shipping options of other buyers and sellers.

We are ready to receive proposals and recommendations or comments always for the improvement of the platform.
This will lead us to become a community of successful sellers and buyers.

Atte Juventino Gomez