Extension duster Midoneat Lambswool with Extra Flexible Microfiber Head,Long Reach/Extendable Duster Up to 86" for Cleaning High Ceiling Fan, Interior Roof, Cobweb, Keyboard, Furniture

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USD 18.99
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Inexpensive set: 1 natural lamb wool duster head + 1 flexible microfiber duster head + 1 extendable bar, long reach up to 86 inches when fully extended, easy to clean ceilings, ceiling fans, lamps, cobweb, furniture , window blinds, computer screens, dashboards, bookshelves, car windows, pet hair, etc. in any narrow place or hard to reach places. Fluffy Lambswool Duster Head: 100% high quality pure lambswool, contains natural lanolin that attracts and holds dust like magnet, the soft texture will not scratch any surface. Soft and Flexible Microfiber Head: The fabric is so soft, it does not scratch the surface, even for the most delicate surfaces, it can also be folded so it can go into every corner where you want to clean. Washable duster: lambswool head and microfiber head are washable and easy to keep clean. You can shake it clean or gently hand wash in natural water with a little detergent, rinse off the detergent, remove the water, turn the head to prevent the lambswool / microfiber ropes tangle and tangle, last step, hang on an airy place to dry. Product Warranty: Every Midoneat consumer can enjoy a 60-day refund and replacement guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product or face any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. What are you waiting for? Add it to your cart now. !
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